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Bounce back faster than ever

Overcoming injury or trauma with physical therapy can be an ordeal most of us face sometime in our life. Find the faster way to recovery by using HiDow in your rehabilitation.


If you’ve ever faced a long recovery, whether from surgery, accident or injury, you know it can be a frustrating process… especially as you get older. It also means a lot of gruelling work to build the body back to its normal, healthy condition. One way you can “shortcut” the recovery is with PainPod. Used regularly around the affected areas of your body, it can re-educate your muscles and improve blood circulation, as well as help restore flexibility and joint range of motion. Plus, you can use it to increase your muscle mass and reduce the risk of muscle wasting from long bed stays, giving your rehabilitation a stronger foundation to build on.

While it provides one of the best drug-free ways you can reduce pain, HiDow isn’t purely for pain relief. It can also deliver EMS, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Both use electrical pulses, but whereas TENS targets the nerves that block pain signals to the brain, the pulses from EMS target the muscle directly, causing it to contract, and enabling it to strengthen and grow. EMS also increases blood flow, providing a faster path for getting more restorative nutrients to affected areas, which can also speed your recovery from injury or surgery. 

As the research shows, our bodies really do respond to EMS pulses that HiDow delivers. Studies have reported that this mode of electro-stimulation can have a major impact on the musculoskeletal system, including arresting muscle weakness, reducing muscle atrophy, improving strength and increasing muscle endurance.



Whether your “daily tasks” involve trying to regain physical function,getting through rehabilitation, doing chores, working out, or even sports competition – maintaining or increasing your strength is essential!

  • Bedridden individuals improve physical function, and increase, maintain or slow the loss of muscle mass (atrophy)

  • Rehab tasks and muscle reeducation programs are more easily and successfully managed

  • “Regular” people get through their daily chores and activities with more energy

  • Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are better prepared for their upcoming event or next training session

HiDow provides a way to make sure that they do.

Research has shown that EMS technology – something at the heart of every HiDow is an effective way to increase strength, whether used on its own or in combination with more traditional strengthening methods.

EMS (or Electrical Muscle Stimulation) works by sending small, painless electrical pulses through the skin directly into your muscles, making them contract. It is effective whether used on its own or in conjunction with traditional strengthening protocols.

EMS used on its own can increase the strength of healthy non-athletic adults and improve physical function in the elderly. It also works with elite athletes, improving maximal strength, speed, power, jumping and sprinting ability . EMS is used extensively in rehabilitation settings for “Muscle Re-education”. This is a technique designed to retrain muscles and joints that are having trouble contracting and moving after a surgical procedure and/or post-surgery immobilisation. EMS can make weak muscles stronger and slow the rate of muscle atrophy often seen in these situations. In addition, actively trying to contract the muscle during EMS can sometimes get the brain to re-learn how to contract the muscle on its own. EMS also increases blood flow to the muscle, potentially speeding up the healing process by increasing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients.

EMS superimposed on muscle during conventional training produces even greater benefits. It has been shown to increase strength and athletic performance more than voluntary contractions alone, increase the strength of muscle contractions and accelerates recovery from strength loss and muscle atrophy during rehabilitation.

HiDow is fast becoming the choice for those who want to recover from exercise or workouts and get even stronger.



Some people get luck as they don’t ever have to struggle with recovering after surgery, injury or other major trauma. But for the rest of us, we’re going to be staring at a lengthy, and often uncomfortable recovery period at some point in our lives… and maybe even several points.

One of the hardest parts of recovery is getting your body back to its former shape so you can live normally again. The discomfort - or even pain - that often follows surgery is a major obstacle on the road to recovery.

That’s where HiDow comes in.  TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a very effective analgesic (pain reliever). It works by sending gentle electrical pulses through the affected body area, blocking the pain signals that would otherwise be sent to the brain2. While particular opioid-like drugs are often used for pain relief, they are often accompanied by side effects. The TENS technology embedded in HiDow is a drug-free method of relieving pain. As an added benefit, it also encourages your body to produce endorphins, hormones that work to relieve pain naturally.

What’s more, it’s proven to work. One study showed TENS reduced post-surgery pain in 94% of the people involved.

‍TENS has been used for pain relief in a wide variety of surgical procedures, including knee and shoulder, thoracic, gynecological and dental procedures. In some cases, has been reported to speed up the recovery process.

As well as pain, recovery from surgery often involves extensive rehabilitation. HiDow is in your corner for this also!

EMS, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, is often used (sometimes in partnership with TENS) to augment the post-surgery rehabilitation process. In contrast to TENS which stimulates the nerves, EMS directly stimulates the muscle, causing it to contract. It is primarily used for “Muscle Education”, a technique to retrain muscles and joints that are having trouble contracting and moving after a surgical procedure and/or post-surgery immobilisation. Actively trying to contract the muscle or move the joint during EMS can sometimes get the brain to re-learn how to do this itself. Finally, EMS is also effective in reducing muscle cramps and spasms as well as muscle atrophy, factors that often occur post-surgery and can slow the rehabilitation process.


With the HiDow, you have a device that’s light-weight, easy to use and ready to help them get stronger, faster.



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