We request when shopping online that you please use our online store when buying ANY HiDow products in South Africa for warranty claim purposes.

What is TENS?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous (through the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is a treatment that uses electrical currents to relieve pain and provides other therapeutic benefits.


A gentle electrical current is passed through electrodes which are attached to the skin near the site of the pain or discomfort. The pulses send bio-electrical signals through the central nervous system, thus blocking pain receptors. Exactly the same way a strong painkiller would work.

The current is produced by a small battery operated device, which is portable and easy to use making it ideal to provide your own therapeutic treatment at home or work.

The brain then releases endorphins which are a 'feel good' chemical and act as a natural pain killer. These pulses stimulate muscles, increase blood flow to the damaged or painful area and provide therapeutic benefits ranging in relief from back pain, neck and shoulder pain, joint pain, increased circulation, relaxation and numerous other ailments.

What is EMS?

EMS stands for Electronic Muscle Stimulation or some people use Electrical Muscle Stimulation.  EMS devices do more than interrupt the pain signal to relieve pain. These devices stimulate healthy muscles to improve and facilitate their performance. Therefore EMS devices can provide the following :-

  • Relaxing muscle spasms

  • Increasing blood circulation

  • Increasing range of motion

  • Help supporting damaged ligaments

  • Preventing disuse atrophy

  • Re-educating muscles

  • Breaking up lactic acid

  • Stimulate inactive muscle fiber

What type of device is my HiDow?

Your HiDow is a state of the art multi-functional portable consumer device providing BOTH TENS and EMS features. Most devices purport to offer EMS functionality but in effect these are merely TENS devices and do not provide the full array of muscle stimulation functionality that your HiDow has.  

What conditions may be treated with my HiDow?

At least 90 known conditions (click here for the accupunture treatment chart with conditions) may be treated. The bio-electrical impulses from these devices target and stimulate your muscles with soothing tapping, kneading and grabbing sensations bringing relief without the need for painkillers.

The HiDow is perfect for :

  • Stiff neck

  • Sore muscles

  • Back pain

  • Improved circulation

  • Stress relief

  • Passive exercise

What differentiates HiDow units from competitor models?

  • We have been designing and making state of the art portable TENS/EMS consumer units for the past 20 years at our own medical manufacturing facility hence we have an extremely low defect rate.


  • Older style TENS/EMS machines usually have a singular pulse. After a period of time, the brain registers the same stimulus therefore becoming less and less effective.


  • What makes HiDow devices different to many other TENS/EMS machines is that they feature up to 12 different therapy modes.


  • The HiDow also has a number of unique random therapy cycles ensuring the brain does not become familiar with the stimulus unlike other TENS/EMS devices available.​


When should I NOT use a HiDow TENS/EMS unit?

HiDow SA markets medical solutions that includes a Class II medical device that is approved and licensed by the SA Department of Health, FDA (US) and CE (EU).  Our devices CANNOT be used by any person/s impacted by the following medical conditions:


  • pacemaker

  • defibrillator

  • any kind of electronic implanted device

  • cochlear implant hearing device

  • severe heart disorders

  • deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

  • prone to seizures

  • pregnant

  • cancer or are recovering from cancer,

  • plates in your body and/or titanium screws and/or pins


Never place gel pads or accessories directly on your heart and/or the temple region on either side of your head.

You must consult with your doctor before you sign up for ANY free trial OR use our device in any manner on any part of your body whatsoever.

How long can I use my HiDow for?

Application duration is 2 - 3 times per day for 40 - 60 minutes per application, over 10 days for one course. 

How must I place my pads?

Twin mode - with with the two sets of pads next to each other on the same side of the body and in close proximity.

Opposed mode - with the two sets of pads on the similar spot but on either sides of the body i.e front and back shoulder. 

My pads are not sticky any more, what must I do?

The lifetime of your pads is dependent on how you store and use them.  Don't touch the gel on the pads.  When using the pads hold the white end not containing the gel to easily remove the pads from either the plastic covers or the plastic protector.  When finished store the pads away safely either by replacing the plastic cover or on the plastic protector.  


Through continued use you may find the gel losing its "stickiness".  Just take some water and dab them onto the pads (don't immerse the pad in the water) to get back "stickiness".  

If you need replacement pads please buy it on or email us on or call us on +27 87 943 4901.

When should I register my warranty?

It is very important that you fill in the warranty registration form (click here) so that in the unlikely event that we need to fix or replace your unit under warranty that we have access to the information about your HiDow unit readily available. For added peace of mind we have a VIP option providing a lifetime warranty (click here)

What should I do if my HiDow unit is faulty?

In the unlikely event that you having a problem with your HiDow fill in the fault report form (click here) and we will get right back to you.

Can I remove my battery if my HiDow device doesn't charge?

The battery is built-in hardware and is encased as a non-removable component of our HiDow device so you cannot remove the battery.  If your HiDow does not charge please contact us on for troubleshooting assistance.

How can I order products?

All of our products are available for purchase at our online store. Should you wish to trial a product please visit us at 780 Petricl Avenue, Faerie Glen, Pretoria or call (012)-991-1764 for an appointment.  Please pop us an email on for further information.  Please DO NOT purchase ANY of our products on other websites as we cannot guarantee these products as we do not know their origin nor if they have been tampered with which may impact the safe performance of the product on your body.  



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