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It sits neatly in your hand, is easy to use and relieves pain, eases aches and aids recovery for thousands of people across the world.

The HiDow blends bio-technology and physical therapy into a tiny device designed for one purpose: to help make everyday life a little easier whether you’re struggling with a bad back or recovering from surgery. 

Your palm-sized pain relief companion

  • Based on a clinically-proven electrotherapy method called TENS - Transcutaneous (through the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulation

  • HiDow uses gentle electrical impulses to block pain signals.

  • This works in a similar way to many drug-based painkillers, as they work on the same principle of stopping pain signals reaching your brain.

  • However, these drugs - specifically, opioids - come with a range of side-effects, along with the risk of addiction.

  • With TENS and HiDow, you don’t have to deal with either.

  • When you use HiDow, it also triggers your body to produce “endorphins” - hormones that act as natural pain relievers to reduce physical or emotional stress.

  • They also give you a sense of well-being, which is why they’re often called “feel good hormones”.

  • While it provides one of the best drug-free ways you can reduce pain, HiDow isn’t purely for pain relief.

  • HiDow can also deliver EMS, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

  • Both use electrical pulses, but whereas TENS targets the nerves that block pain signals to the brain, the pulses from EMS target the muscle directly, causing it to contract, and enabling it to strengthen and grow.

  • EMS also increases blood flow, providing a faster path for getting more restorative nutrients to affected areas, which can also speed your recovery from injury or surgery. 

  • As the research shows, our bodies really do respond to EMS pulses.

  • Studies have reported that this mode of electro-stimulation can have a major impact on the musculoskeletal system, including arresting muscle weakness, reducing muscle atrophy, improving strength and increasing muscle endurance.

Hear what pain sufferers say about HiDow


How HiDow will safely help you

HiDow SA markets medical solutions that includes a Class II medical device that is approved and/or licensed by the SA Department of Health, FDA (US) and CE (EU).  Our devices CANNOT be used by any person/s impacted by the following medical conditions:


  • pacemaker

  • defibrillator

  • any kind of electronic implanted device

  • cochlear implant hearing device

  • severe heart disorders

  • deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

  • prone to seizures

  • pregnant

  • cancer or recovering from cancer

  • plates in body and/or titanium screws and/or pins


Never place gel pads or accessories directly on your heart and/or the temple region on either side of your head.

If you are unsure please consult with your doctor before you sign up for ANY free trial OR use our device in any manner on any part of your body whatsoever.

Our customers tell us about their HiDow experience

I used the HiDow now.  Did back and legs yesterday at gym.  All cool.  But then went to the golf driving range for an hour.  This morning my back was sore and could barely turn my head right.  30mins each on mode 6 and 10 at about 12 setting.  I'm sorted.  80% relief man."


I have used the micro partly this morning at 10:00am and have lasted until now 4pm with only discomfort , quite honest by now I would have difficulty walking and be on the third lot of pain medication , just to let you know I have not taken any pain medication since this morning. Thank you so much!" relief man."


Prehab better than rehab.  Thanks @hidowsa for the extra help.



I tore my ligaments in my knee abt Aug of 2015 and could not walk or put presure on my knee for abt 2 months. After 1 year I could not bend down to pick up or do any squat or sit on my knee. You gave me the HiDow unit abt 3 months back if I remember right and after using it for one week I could squat and could put pressure on my knee again. It has helped with the healing of my knee and flexibility. Over the past 3 months my knee has totally recovered, I would recommend the HiDow to anyone."


If I move it around in the area I do find that it seems to help with easing up the stiffness which is caused by the swelling. Normally I do not believe in "weird" science like this, but if I am honest , I think the stimulation creates bloodflow to the area, and this helps the problem.  I think one is better off with it, than without it is what I am trying to say."


This equipment AcuXPD-S  that I got from you is amazing.  From being completely disabled as a result of a stroke in 2008 I have now got lots of movement and feeling back as a result of the equipment. Sensation has come back to the side of me which was virtually dead like touching /holding meat from a fridge.  Also circulation  has returned thanks to the equipment.  I am now doing things I thought  was not possible as I  was bed-ridden and wheelchair  bound.  I have my left foot to start  working completely then I'm  back to  the golf course once more.  From being an active person involved /playing   different sports to  doing  nothing  is  horrible.  There are not enough words to say thank you for making this equipment available"


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